The Automat opened 110 years ago

The Automat

Events of 1902:

Events of 1902

January: The first Rose Bowl game is played in Pasadena, although it wasn’t called that until much later.

February: Steel magnate Andrew Carnegie founds the Carnegie Institution for Science; Dowager Empress Cixi bans foot binding in China.

March: The American Automobile Association (AAA) is founded; mining magnate Cecil Rhodes dies.

April: Tally’s Electric Theater, the first purpose-built movie theater, opens in Los Angeles.

May: The London School of Economics awards its first degrees; Cuba gains independence from Spain and the U. S. occupation of the island ends; the Second Boer War ends; writer Bret Harte dies.

June: Horn and Hardart opens the first automat in the U. S.

July: John McGraw becomes the manager of the N. Y. Giants baseball team.

September: Clothier Levi Strauss and writer Émile Zola die.

October: feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton dies.

November: U. S. Army physician Walter Reed dies.